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Base module for setting up persistent session plugs.

Any writes to backend store or client should occur in :before_send callback as defined in Plug.Conn. To ensure that the callbacks are called in the order they were set, a register_before_send/2 method is used to set callbacks instead of Plug.Conn.register_before_send/2.

See PowPersistentSession.Plug.Cookie for an implementation example.


Configuration options

  • :persistent_session_store - the persistent session store. This value defaults to {PowPersistentSession.Store.PersistentSessionCache, backend: Pow.Store.Backend.EtsCache}. The Pow.Store.Backend.EtsCache backend store can be changed with the :cache_store_backend option.

  • :cache_store_backend - the backend cache store. This value defaults to Pow.Store.Backend.EtsCache.

  • :persistent_session_ttl - integer value in milliseconds for TTL of persistent session in the backend store. This defaults to 30 days in miliseconds.

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