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This extension will allow users to reset the password by sending an e-mail with a reset password link. It requires that the user schema has an :email field.

To prevent user enumeration attacks, the generic PowResetPassword.Phoenix.Messages.maybe_email_has_been_sent/1 message is always shown when requesting password reset. If pow_prevent_user_enumeration: false is set in conn.private the form will be shown instead with the PowResetPassword.Phoenix.Messages.user_not_found/1 message.



Follow the instructions for extensions in, and set PowResetPassword in the :extensions list.



Add the following link to your WEB_PATH/templates/pow/session/new.html.eex template (you may need to generate the templates first):

link("Reset password", to: Routes.pow_reset_password_reset_password_path(@conn, :new))