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This extension will send an e-mail confirmation link when the user registers, and when the user changes their e-mail. It requires that the user schema has an :email field.

Users won't be signed in when they register, and can't sign in until the e-mail has been confirmed. The confirmation e-mail will be sent every time the sign in fails. The user will be redirected to after_registration_path/1 and after_sign_in_path/1 accordingly.

To prevent user enumeration, the user will see the same confirmation required message if the account couldn't be created due to unique constraint error on :email. No e-mail will be sent. If pow_prevent_user_enumeration: false is set in conn.private the form with error will be shown instead.

When users updates their e-mail, it won't be changed until the user has confirmed the new e-mail by clicking the e-mail confirmation link. The confirmation will fail if the :email is already in use for another account. If PowInvitation is used then the same logic applies when a user accepts an invitation changing their e-mail address in the process.


Follow the instructions for extensions in, and set PowEmailConfirmation in the :extensions list.


Add the following section to your WEB_PATH/controllers/pow/registration_html/edit.html.heex template (you may need to generate the templates first) after the pow_user_id_field field:

<p :if={} class="phx-no-feedback:hidden mt-3 flex gap-3 text-sm leading-6 text-rose-600">
  <.icon name="hero-exclamation-circle-mini" class="mt-0.5 w-5 h-5 flex-none" />
  Click the link in the confirmation email to change your email to <span class="font-semibold text-brand hover:underline"></span>.

Prevent persistent session sign in

To prevent that PowPersistentSession creates a new persistent session when the email hasn't been confirmed, PowEmailConfirmation should be placed first in the extensions list. It'll halt the connection.

Test and seed

If you want your user to be automatically confirmed in test and seed, you just have to call: PowEmailConfirmation.Ecto.Context.confirm_email(user, %{}, otp_app: :my_app)

You can also update or insert the row directly and set email_confirmed_at: DateTime.utc_now().

Note on PowInvitation

When a user is invited with PowInvitation, the email will only be required confirmed if the invited user decides to change their email when accepting the invitation.