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Ecto Adapter Client Schema

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@type t() :: %Boruta.Ecto.Client{
  __meta__: term(),
  access_token_ttl: integer(),
  authorization_code_ttl: integer(),
  authorize_scope: boolean(),
  authorized_scopes: Ecto.Association.NotLoaded.t() | [Boruta.Ecto.Scope.t()],
  confidential: term(),
  id: term(),
  id_token_signature_alg: String.t(),
  id_token_ttl: integer(),
  inserted_at: term(),
  jwk: term(),
  jwt_public_key: String.t(),
  name: term(),
  pkce: boolean(),
  private_key: String.t(),
  public_key: String.t(),
  public_refresh_token: boolean(),
  public_revoke: boolean(),
  redirect_uris: [String.t()],
  refresh_token_ttl: integer(),
  secret: String.t(),
  supported_grant_types: [String.t()],
  token_endpoint_auth_methods: [String.t()],
  token_endpoint_jwt_auth_alg: String.t(),
  updated_at: term(),
  userinfo_signed_response_alg: String.t() | nil

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create_changeset(client, attrs)

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key_pair_changeset(client, attrs \\ %{})

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secret_changeset(client, secret \\ nil)

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update_changeset(client, attrs)

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