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Boruta is the core of an OAuth provider giving business logic of authentication and authorization.

It is intended to follow RFCs :

As it, it helps implement a provider for authorization code, implicit, client credentials and resource owner password credentials grants. Then it follows Introspection to check tokens.

Note : Refresh tokens are not implemented yet


  1. Schemas migration

Boruta need a migration for its schemas and persist both tokens and clients. This can be done by running

mix boruta.gen.migration --with-accounts
  1. Configuration

Boruta provides several configuration options, to customize them you can add configurations in config.exs as following

config :boruta, Boruta.Oauth,
  repo: MyApp.Repo,
  expires_in: %{
    access_token: 24 * 3600,
    authorization_code: 60
  token_generator: Boruta.TokenGenerator,
  secret_key_base: System.get_env("SECRET_KEY_BASE"),
  resource_owner: %{
    schema: Boruta.Accounts.User,
    checkpw_method: &Boruta.Accounts.HashSalt.checkpw/2


This implementation follows a pseudo hexagonal architecture to invert dependencies to Application layer. In order to expose endpoints of an OAuth server with Boruta, you need implement the behaviour Boruta.Oauth.Application with all needed callbacks for token/2, authorize/2 and introspect/2 calls from Boruta.Oauth.

This library has specific interfaces to interact with Plug.Conn requests.


It is a work in progress, all feedbacks / feature requests / improvments are welcome -> me