API Reference Boruta core v0.2.1


Boruta is the core of an OAuth provider giving business logic of authentication and authorization.

HTTP BasicAuth utilities

Utilities to access Boruta configuration ad set defaults.

The Ecto.Admin context.

TODO Admin Clients documentation

TODO Admin Scopes documentation

TODO Admin Users documentation

Boruta OAuth entrypoint, handles OAuth requests.

Access token context

OAuth application behaviour

Access token authorization

Client authorization

Code authorization

Resource owner authorization

Scope authorization

Authorization code request

Authorize response

OAuth client schema

Client credentials request

Client context

Code context

Boruta OAuth errors

OAuth Introspect

Introspect request

Introspect response

Resource owner password credentials request

Refresh token request

Build an oauth request struct from given input.

Resource owner context

OAuth Revoke

Schema defining an independent OAuth scope

Scope context

Token schema. Representing both access tokens and codes.

Behaviour to implement utilities to generate token value. This must be implemented in the module configured as token_generator set in config.exs

Implicit request

Utility to validate the request according to the given parameters.

Mix Tasks

Migration task for Boruta.