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The default Dune.Allowlist module to be used to allow or restrict functions and macros that can be safely executed.



iex> Dune.Allowlist.Default.fun_status(Kernel, :+, 2)

iex> Dune.Allowlist.Default.fun_status(String, :to_atom, 1)

iex> Dune.Allowlist.Default.fun_status(Atom, :to_string, 1)
{:shimmed, Dune.Shims.Atom, :to_string}

iex> Dune.Allowlist.Default.fun_status(Kernel, :foo, 1)

iex> Dune.Allowlist.Default.fun_status(Bar, :foo, 1)

iex> Dune.Allowlist.Default.fun_status(Kernel.SpecialForms, :quote, 2)


Allowed modules / functions

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fun_status(module, fun_name, arity)

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Implements Dune.Allowlist.fun_status/3