View Source ExGram.Model.ChatAdministratorRights (ex_gram v0.50.1)

Represents the rights of an administrator in a chat.

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@type t() :: %ExGram.Model.ChatAdministratorRights{
  can_change_info: boolean(),
  can_delete_messages: boolean(),
  can_delete_stories: boolean() | nil,
  can_edit_messages: boolean() | nil,
  can_edit_stories: boolean() | nil,
  can_invite_users: boolean(),
  can_manage_chat: boolean(),
  can_manage_topics: boolean() | nil,
  can_manage_video_chats: boolean(),
  can_pin_messages: boolean() | nil,
  can_post_messages: boolean() | nil,
  can_post_stories: boolean() | nil,
  can_promote_members: boolean(),
  can_restrict_members: boolean(),
  is_anonymous: boolean()