View Source ExGram.Model.InputInvoiceMessageContent (ex_gram v0.53.0)

Represents the content of an invoice message to be sent as the result of an inline query.

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@type t() :: %ExGram.Model.InputInvoiceMessageContent{
  currency: String.t(),
  description: String.t(),
  is_flexible: boolean() | nil,
  max_tip_amount: integer() | nil,
  need_email: boolean() | nil,
  need_name: boolean() | nil,
  need_phone_number: boolean() | nil,
  need_shipping_address: boolean() | nil,
  payload: String.t(),
  photo_height: integer() | nil,
  photo_size: integer() | nil,
  photo_url: String.t() | nil,
  photo_width: integer() | nil,
  prices: [ExGram.Model.LabeledPrice.t()],
  provider_data: String.t() | nil,
  provider_token: String.t() | nil,
  send_email_to_provider: boolean() | nil,
  send_phone_number_to_provider: boolean() | nil,
  suggested_tip_amounts: [integer()] | nil,
  title: String.t()