View Source ExGram.Model.ExternalReplyInfo (ex_gram v0.52.2)

This object contains information about a message that is being replied to, which may come from another chat or forum topic.

Check the documentation of this model in



@type t() :: %ExGram.Model.ExternalReplyInfo{
  animation: ExGram.Model.Animation.t() | nil,
  audio: ExGram.Model.Audio.t() | nil,
  chat: ExGram.Model.Chat.t() | nil,
  contact: ExGram.Model.Contact.t() | nil,
  dice: ExGram.Model.Dice.t() | nil,
  document: ExGram.Model.Document.t() | nil,
  game: ExGram.Model.Game.t() | nil,
  giveaway: ExGram.Model.Giveaway.t() | nil,
  giveaway_winners: ExGram.Model.GiveawayWinners.t() | nil,
  has_media_spoiler: boolean() | nil,
  invoice: ExGram.Model.Invoice.t() | nil,
  link_preview_options: ExGram.Model.LinkPreviewOptions.t() | nil,
  location: ExGram.Model.Location.t() | nil,
  message_id: integer() | nil,
  origin: ExGram.Model.MessageOrigin.t(),
  photo: [ExGram.Model.PhotoSize.t()] | nil,
  poll: ExGram.Model.Poll.t() | nil,
  sticker: ExGram.Model.Sticker.t() | nil,
  story: ExGram.Model.Story.t() | nil,
  venue: ExGram.Model.Venue.t() | nil,
  video: ExGram.Model.Video.t() | nil,
  video_note: ExGram.Model.VideoNote.t() | nil,
  voice: ExGram.Model.Voice.t() | nil