View Source ExGram.Model.KeyboardButton (ex_gram v0.51.0)

This object represents one button of the reply keyboard. For simple text buttons, String can be used instead of this object to specify the button text. The optional fields web_app, request_users, request_chat, request_contact, request_location, and request_poll are mutually exclusive.

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@type t() :: %ExGram.Model.KeyboardButton{
  request_chat: ExGram.Model.KeyboardButtonRequestChat.t() | nil,
  request_contact: boolean() | nil,
  request_location: boolean() | nil,
  request_poll: ExGram.Model.KeyboardButtonPollType.t() | nil,
  request_users: ExGram.Model.KeyboardButtonRequestUsers.t() | nil,
  text: String.t(),
  web_app: ExGram.Model.WebAppInfo.t() | nil