View Source ExGram.Model.KeyboardButtonRequestChat (ex_gram v0.50.1)

This object defines the criteria used to request a suitable chat. The identifier of the selected chat will be shared with the bot when the corresponding button is pressed. More about requesting chats »

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@type t() :: %ExGram.Model.KeyboardButtonRequestChat{
  bot_administrator_rights: ExGram.Model.ChatAdministratorRights.t() | nil,
  bot_is_member: boolean() | nil,
  chat_has_username: boolean() | nil,
  chat_is_channel: boolean(),
  chat_is_created: boolean() | nil,
  chat_is_forum: boolean() | nil,
  request_id: integer(),
  user_administrator_rights: ExGram.Model.ChatAdministratorRights.t() | nil