ExGram.Model.Update (ex_gram v0.31.0) View Source

This object represents an incoming update. At most one of the optional parameters can be present in any given update.

Check the documentation of this model in https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#update

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t() :: %ExGram.Model.Update{
  callback_query: ExGram.Model.CallbackQuery.t() | nil,
  channel_post: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  chat_join_request: ExGram.Model.ChatJoinRequest.t() | nil,
  chat_member: ExGram.Model.ChatMemberUpdated.t() | nil,
  chosen_inline_result: ExGram.Model.ChosenInlineResult.t() | nil,
  edited_channel_post: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  edited_message: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  inline_query: ExGram.Model.InlineQuery.t() | nil,
  message: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  my_chat_member: ExGram.Model.ChatMemberUpdated.t() | nil,
  poll: ExGram.Model.Poll.t() | nil,
  poll_answer: ExGram.Model.PollAnswer.t() | nil,
  pre_checkout_query: ExGram.Model.PreCheckoutQuery.t() | nil,
  shipping_query: ExGram.Model.ShippingQuery.t() | nil,
  update_id: integer()

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