View Source ExGram.Model.Update (ex_gram v0.41.0)

This object represents an incoming update. At most one of the optional parameters can be present in any given update.

Check the documentation of this model in



@type t() :: %ExGram.Model.Update{
  callback_query: ExGram.Model.CallbackQuery.t() | nil,
  channel_post: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  chat_join_request: ExGram.Model.ChatJoinRequest.t() | nil,
  chat_member: ExGram.Model.ChatMemberUpdated.t() | nil,
  chosen_inline_result: ExGram.Model.ChosenInlineResult.t() | nil,
  edited_channel_post: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  edited_message: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  inline_query: ExGram.Model.InlineQuery.t() | nil,
  message: ExGram.Model.Message.t() | nil,
  my_chat_member: ExGram.Model.ChatMemberUpdated.t() | nil,
  poll: ExGram.Model.Poll.t() | nil,
  poll_answer: ExGram.Model.PollAnswer.t() | nil,
  pre_checkout_query: ExGram.Model.PreCheckoutQuery.t() | nil,
  shipping_query: ExGram.Model.ShippingQuery.t() | nil,
  update_id: integer()