View Source mix burn (nerves v1.11.0)

Writes the generated firmware image to an attached SDCard or file.

By default, this task detects attached SDCards and then invokes fwup to overwrite the contents of the selected SDCard with the new image. Data on the SDCard will be lost, so be careful.

Command line options

  • --device <filename> - skip SDCard detection and write the image to the specified filename. SDCard paths depend on the operating system, but have a form like /dev/sdc or /dev/mmcblk0. You may also specify a filename to create an image that can be used with a bulk memory programmer or copied to an SDCard manually with a utility like dd.

  • --task <name> - apply the specified fwup task. See the fwup.conf file that was used to create the firmware image for options. By convention, the complete task writes everything to the SDCard including bootloader and application data partitions. The upgrade task only modifies the parts of the SDCard required to run the new software.

  • --firmware <name> - (Optional) The path to the fw file to use. Defaults to <image_path>/<otp_app>.fw


# Upgrade the contents of the SDCard located at /dev/mmcblk0
mix burn --device /dev/mmcblk0 --task upgrade



@spec firmware_file(keyword()) :: String.t()