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Package artifacts are the product of compiling a package with a specific toolchain.

Defines the Nerves build runner behaviour

Produce an artifact for a package using Docker.

Builds an artifact locally.

Downloads an artifact from a remote http location.

Contains package info for Nerves dependencies

Decode and encode erlinit.config files

Defines a Nerves package struct and helper functions.

Defines the Nerves package platform behaviour

The code from this file was copied in from MuonTrap

Package builder for Buildroot-based Nerves systems

This module contains utility functions to assist in detecting a Windows Subsystem for Linux environment as well as functions to convert paths between the Windows host and Linux.

Mix Tasks

Writes the generated firmware image to an attached SDCard or file.

Compile a Nerves package into a local artifact

Build a firmware image for the selected target platform.

This task calls mix firmware & mix burn to burn a new firmware to a SDCard

Generates a helper shell script for using gdb to analyze core dumps

Create a firmware image file that can be copied byte-for-byte to an SDCard or other memory device.

This task calls fwup to report the firmware stored in the currently built firmware bundle. No firmware is built, so this task will fail if the firmware bundle doesn't exist.

Generate a firmware patch from a source and target firmware and output a new firmware file with the patch contents. The source firmware file

Unpack the firmware so that its contents can be inspected locally.

Creates a Nerves artifact for a Nerves system or toolchain

Prints Nerves artifact details.

Cleans dependencies and build artifacts

Prints Nerves system information.

Open a shell in a system's build directory.