View Source mix firmware.unpack (nerves v1.11.0)

Unpack the firmware so that its contents can be inspected locally.


mix firmware.unpack [--output output directory] [--fw path to firmware]

Command line options

  • --fw - (Optional) The path to the .fw file for unpacking. Defaults to Nerves.Env.firmware_path/1
  • --output - (Optional) The output directory for the unpacked firmware. Defaults to the name of the firmware bundle with the extension replaced with .unpacked.


# Create a firmware bundle. It will be under the _build directory
mix firmware

# Unpack the built firmware
mix firmware.unpack --output firmware_contents

# Unpack a specified fw file
mix firmware.unpack --fw hello_nerves.fw

# Inspect it
ls hello_nerves.unpacked/