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An authorization extension for ash resources.

To add this extension to a resource, add it to the list of authorizers like so:

use Ash.Resource,
  authorizers: [

A resource can be given a set of policies, which are enforced on each call to a resource action.

For reads, policies can be configured to filter out data that the actor shouldn't see, as opposed to resulting in a forbidden error.

See the policies guide for practical examples.

Policies are solved/managed via a boolean satisfiability solver. To read more about boolean satisfiability, see this page: At the end of the day, however, it is not necessary to understand exactly how Ash takes your authorization requirements and determines if a request is allowed. The important thing to understand is that Ash may or may not run any/all of your authorization rules as they may be deemed unnecessary. As such, authorization checks should have no side effects. Ideally, the checks built-in to ash should cover the bulk of your needs.



@type t() :: %Ash.Policy.Authorizer{
  action: term(),
  action_input: term(),
  actor: term(),
  changeset: term(),
  check_scenarios: term(),
  data: term(),
  data_facts: term(),
  domain: term(),
  facts: term(),
  policies: term(),
  query: term(),
  real_scenarios: term(),
  resource: term(),
  scenarios: term()


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alter_sort(sort, authorizer, context)

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