View Source Ash.Resource.Validation behaviour (ash v2.5.16)

Represents a validation in Ash.

See Ash.Resource.Validation.Builtins for a list of builtin validations.

To write your own validation, define a module that implements the init/1 callback to validate options at compile time, and validate/2 callback to do the validation.

Then, in a resource, you can say:

validations do
  validate {MyValidation, [foo: :bar]}

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@type path() :: [atom() | integer()]
@type ref() :: {module(), Keyword.t()} | module()
@type t() :: %Ash.Resource.Validation{
  before_action?: term(),
  description: String.t() | nil,
  message: term(),
  module: atom(),
  on: [atom()],
  only_when_valid?: boolean(),
  opts: [atom()],
  validation: {atom(), [atom()]},
  where: [{atom(), [atom()]}]

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@callback init(Keyword.t()) :: {:ok, Keyword.t()} | {:error, String.t()}
@callback validate(Ash.Changeset.t(), Keyword.t()) :: :ok | {:error, term()}

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