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Preparations are the primary way of customizing read action behavior. If you are familiar with Plug, you can think of an Ash.Resource.Preparation as the equivalent of a Plug for queries. At its most basic, a preparation will take a query and return a new query. Queries can be simple, like adding a filter or a sort, or more complex, attaching hooks to be executed within the lifecycle of the action.

Builtin Preparations

There are builtin preparations that can be used, and are automatically imported into your resources. See Ash.Resource.Preparation.Builtins for more.

The primary preparation you will use is build/1, which passes the arguments through to when the preparation is run. See that function for what options can be provided.

Some examples of usage of builtin preparations

# sort by inserted at descending
prepare build(sort: [inserted_at: :desc])

# only show the top 5 results
prepare build(sort: [total_points: :desc], limit: 5)

Custom Preparations

defmodule MyApp.Preparations.Top5 do
  use Ash.Resource.Preparation

  # transform and validate opts
  @impl true
  def init(opts) do
    if is_atom(opts[:attribute]) do
      {:ok, opts}
      {:error, "attribute must be an atom!"}

  @impl true
  def prepare(query, opts, _context) do
    attribute = opts[:attribute]

    |> Ash.Query.sort([{attribute, :desc}])
    |> Ash.Query.limit(5)

This could then be used in a resource via:

prepare {MyApp.Preparations.Top5, attribute: :foo}

Anonymous Function Queries

You can also use anonymous functions for preparations. This is great for prototyping, but we generally recommend using a module for organizational purposes.

prepare fn query, _context ->
  # put your code here

Action vs Global Preparations

You can place a preparation on a read action, like so:

actions do
  read :read do
    prepare {Top5, attribute: :name}

Or you can use the global preparations block to apply to all read actions.

preparations do
  prepare {Top5, attribute: :name}

The preparations section allows you to add preparations across multiple actions of a resource.