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v3.0.2 (2024-05-15)


  • [Ash.Expr] add pattern matching for clarity on values accepted by ref/1 and ref/2

  • [Ash.Expr] add can_return_nil?/1 callback to Ash expressions, allowing for various optimizations

  • [Ash.Type.NewType] raise argument error on unknown options in Ash.Type.NewType. Helps with typos & misunderstandings

  • [embedded resources] use the source configuration for attributes in embedded resources (it was previously just ignored)

  • [Ash.Policy.Authorizer] better type specification for checks, to get better autocomplete and compile time validation

  • [Ash.Error.Invalid.NoSuchInput] added a did_you_mean field and used it in the error message

Bug Fixes:

  • [Ash.Resource] properly persist simple_notifiers (they were being ignored before)

  • [code interface] accept single ids in code interface as subject for destroy/update

  • [bulk update] ensure that the changed? context is set in after action hooks on batches

  • [relationships] allow for inferred domains when authorizing join queries

  • [Ash.Expr] don't treat nil as not a valid value when type casting lists

  • [atomic upgrade] keep data's metadata in atomic upgraded update (#1165)

v3.0.1 (2024-05-14)


  • [Ash.Resource.Change.Builtins] Add cascade_destroy to builtin changes.

Bug Fixes:

  • [calculations] calculation eager evaluation bug caused exists to eager evaluate when we didn't actually have the related data

  • [field policies] fix field policy rewrite errors on non-success cases (#1163)

  • [embedded resources] fix embedded resource authorization (#1159) (#1160)

  • infinite recursion if query is empty (#1158)

  • [Ash.DataLayer.Ets] ensure that changeset filters are honored in ETS destroy/update_query

  • [update/destroy actions] don't rollback transactions on stale records, ignore stale records in bulk actions

  • [bulk creates] don't check required belongs to fields until after setting them in bulk creation

  • [code interface] check require_reference? when generating update code interface (#1152)



We are starting the changelog fresh. See documentation/ in GitHub for the old changelogs.

Breaking Changes:

For a guide on adjusting to these breaking changes, see the upgrade guide

  • [Ash.Api] has been renamed to Ash.Domain, and references to the concept have been renamed as well, i.e in options and in the DSL
  • [Ash] we now call functions on this, isntead of the domain. i.e Ash.create and The generated functions are now marked as deprecated
  • [Ash] remove process context functionality. You can no longer store the actor/tenant in the context with Ash.set_actor and so on
  • [private?] deprecate private?: false in favor of the more explicit public?: true
  • [default_accept] default default_accept is now []
  • [action lifecycle] after transaction hooks cannot be added from inside of other lifecycle hooks
  • [Ash.NotLoaded] use %Ash.NotLoaded{} for unselected values, instead of nil
  • [require_atomic?] now defaults to true, requiring opt-out of atomic behavior
  • [authorization] default api.authorization.authorize to :by_default
  • [Ash.Registry] has been removed
  • [actions] domain must always be known when constructing changesets
  • [Ash.Notifier] requires_original_data?/2 callback defaults to false
  • [Ash.Notifier.PubSub] default to previous_values?: false, allowing notifications to be sent for atomic updates
  • [unknown inputs] all action invocations now use UnknownInput errors when given an input they don't accept
  • [policies] requires_original_data?/2 callback on checks defaults to false
  • [Ash.Calculation] has been renamed to Ash.Resource.Calculation
  • [Ash.Resource.Calculation] "strict mode" has been added and defaults to true. This causes only explicitly requested fields from relationships to be loaded
  • [Ash.Query.Calculation] positional arguments are now an options list
  • [calculations] anonymous function calculations in a resource now take lists and return lists, instead of a single record (like standard calculations do)
  • [context] The context argument passed to many different callbacks is now a struct, tailored to that specific context. For example, in a calculation you will receive an Ash.Resource.Calculation.Context
  • [after_action/before_action] These builtin changes now accept a 3rd context argument
  • [picosat_elixir] is now optional (simple_sat is now an alternative)
  • [Ash.Changeset]! has been removed
  • [Ash.Changeset] has been removed ( is still available)
  • [Ash.Changeset] changeset.filters is now changeset.filter
  • [Ash.Changeset] reverse order of before action & before transaction hooks. They now run in the action they are added. They used to run in reverse order.
  • [Ash.CiString] returns nil on nil input
  • [belongs_to.attribute_writable?] add attribute_public? for controlling publicity, and default attribute_writable? to true.
  • [Ash.Filter.TemplateHelpers] removed, all functions needed for expressions are now defined in Ash.Expr
  • [Ash.Expr] keyword lists are no longer special cased in ash expressions, and requiring pinning like any other value.
  • [Ash.Resource] default read actions are now paginatable with keyset and offset pagination (but pagination is not required)
  • [Ash.Resource] default actions require explicit accept lists (or will use default_accept). i.e defaults [:read, create: [:first_name, :last_name]]
  • [Ash.Resource] simple_notifiers is now an option to use Ash.Resource, instead of being in the DSL at resource.simple_notifiers
  • [Ash.Flow] has been removed and put in its own package ash_flow. It is being deprecated in favor of Reactor
  • [Ash.Error] the implementation has been extracted out to Splode. Defining new Ash.Errors is now done by defining a new Splode.Error
  • [Ash.Query] swap position of sort order and arguments in calculation sorting, i.e instead of calculation: {:asc, %{...args}} it is now calculation: {%{...args}, :asc}
  • [Ash.Resource.Aggregate] add include_nil? aggregate option, and default it to false (so list and first aggregates do not consider nil values by default)
  • [Ash.Policy.FilterCheck] now accepts context arguments, like Ash.Policy.FilterCheckWithContext
  • [Ash.Policy.FilterCheckWithContext] has been removed, use Ash.Policy.FilterCheck


  • [Ash.Type] add new remove_nil_items? array type constraint (#1116)
  • [Ash.Query] Paginatable relationships (#1050)
  • [Ash.DataLayer] new calculate/3 callback that allows for data layers to compute the result of expressions outside the context of a query. Used to power Ash.calculate/3.
  • [validations] new builtin validations, attributes_present/2 and attributes_absent/2
  • [multitenancy] configurable multitenancy behaviour on read actions (#1030)
  • [Ash.Reactor] Add new change step type which can be used to modify changesets.
  • [Ash.Changeset] add Ash.Changeset.update_change/2 function and builtin change (#976)
  • [Ash.Domain] code interfaces can now be defined on the domain
  • [Ash.Domain] policies can now be defined on the domain, and will run before resource policies
  • [Ash.ToTenant] add Ash.ToTenant, allowing for passing arbitrary values as tenants
  • [Ash] add Ash.read_first (like Ash.read_one, but applies a limit automatically)
  • [Ash] support a second optional input option for create, update and destroy, allowing for things like Ash.create!(Post, %{text: "text"}, opts)
  • [sensitive?] support sensitive? option in query aggregate/calculation (#963)
  • [Ash.Resource] support require_reference?: false on code interfaces, for when an update or destroy action uniquely identifies a record (or for bulk update/destroy)
  • [Ash.Resource] notifiers can now be specified for specific actions, using the notifiers option
  • [mix ash.rollback] delegates to extensions to trigger their rollback tasks
  • [Ash.Query] add Ash.Query.apply_to/3, to "apply" the query to a set of records (i.e filter, sort, distinct, etc.)
  • [Ash.CustomExpression] Use Ash.CustomExpression to extend Ash's expression syntax in a data-layer agnostic way
  • [code interface] Code interface functions now support bulk actions, in a "do what I mean" way. For example: Domain.deactive(post) can also be Post |> Ash.Query.filter(active == true) |> Domain.deactive()


  • [Ash.Actions.Sort] allow providing a stream of records to sort, and performance improvements
  • [bulk actions] add read_action option to bulk actions (#1088)
  • [] support streaming with offset, or even no pagination
  • [Ash.DataLayer.Ets] add debug logging, similar to ecto query debug logging
  • [Ash.DataLayer.Ets] support update_query, destroy_query and Ash.Changeset.filter/2
  • [Embedded resources] don't add autogenerated_id to embeds if they don't have a primary key
  • [Ash.Resource] you can now omit the return type of generic actions, indicating it either succeeds or fails, returning :ok or {:error, error}
  • [Ash.Resource] Generic actions can now accept a Reactor module, running it directly. (#993)
  • [Ash.Resource] support allow_nil_input dsl option in update/destroy actions (#964)
  • [Ash.Resource] The filter option can now be supplied multiple times in read actions and in relationships. They will be combined with and
  • [Ash.Resource] private attributes can now be accepted as action inputs
  • [Ash.Expr] is now imported automatically into places you will likely use it, like changes, validations, checks and calculations.
  • [Ash.Query] is now required automatically in places you will likely use it, as above
  • [sortable?] fields may mark themselves as unusable in sorts by using sortable? false
  • [sensitive?] calculations and aggregates may now also be marked as sensitive?

Bug Fixes:

  • [Ash.Type] apply array type nil_items? constraint after item constraints are applied (#1115)
  • [Ash.DataLayer.Ets] fix ETS data layer's support for lateral joining
  • [bulk actions] ensure transaction is rolled back on data layer errors during streaming
  • [bulk actions] set notify?: true when return_notifications?: true is set
  • [Ash.Changeset] attributes_present?/2 -> attribute_present?/2
  • [Ash.Filter] don't eager evaluate type/3 because data layers require type information
  • [Ash.Changeset] when comparing identities for manage_relationship, we now properly cast the values. Before, "1" and 1 were not considered equal for integer primary keys/identity fields
  • Many more bug fixes were added, but few are relevant enough to list here