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Aggregates in Ash allow for retrieving summary information over groups of related data. A simple example might be to show the "count of published posts for a user".


Declaring aggregates on a resource


aggregates do
  count :count_of_posts, :posts, filter: [published: true]

See the documentation for the aggregates section in Ash.Resource.Dsl for more information.

The aggregates declared on a resource allow for declaring a set of named aggregates that can be used by extensions. They can also be loaded in the query using Ash.Query.load/2, or after the fact using Ash.Api.load/3. Aggregates declared on the resource will be keys in the resource's struct.


Custom aggregates in the query


|> Ash.Query.aggregate(:count_of_posts, :count, :posts, filter: [published: true])

See the documentation for Ash.Query.aggregate/4 for more information.