View Source Contributing to Ash


We are delighted to have anyone contribute to Ash, regardless of their skill level or background. We welcome contributions both large and small, from typos and documentation improvements, to bug fixes and features. There is a place for everyone's contribution here. Check the issue tracker or join the ElixirForum/discord server to see how you can help! Make sure to read the rules below as well.


  • We have a zero tolerance policy for failure to abide by our code of conduct. It is very standard, but please make sure you have read it.
  • Issues may be opened to propose new ideas, to ask questions, or to file bugs.
  • Before working on a feature, please talk to the core team/the rest of the community via a proposal. We are building something that needs to be cohesive and well thought out across all use cases. Our top priority is supporting real life use cases like yours, but we have to make sure that we do that in a sustainable way. The best compromise there is to make sure that discussions are centered around the use case for a feature, rather than the proposed feature itself.
  • Before starting work, please comment on the issue and/or ask in the discord if anyone is handling an issue. Be aware that if you've commented on an issue that you'd like to tackle it, but no one can reach you and/or demand/need arises sooner, it may still need to be done before you have a chance to finish. However, we will make all efforts to allow you to finish anything you claim.