Ash.Resource.Relationships.ManyToMany (ash v1.51.2) View Source

Represents a many_to_many relationship on a resource

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t() :: %Ash.Resource.Relationships.ManyToMany{
  cardinality: :many,
  context: term(),
  description: String.t(),
  destination: Ash.Resource.t(),
  destination_field: atom(),
  destination_field_on_join_table: atom(),
  filter: Ash.Filter.t() | nil,
  join_relationship: atom(),
  name: atom(),
  not_found_message: term(),
  private?: boolean(),
  read_action: atom(),
  sort: term(),
  source: Ash.Resource.t(),
  source_field: atom(),
  source_field_on_join_table: atom(),
  through: Ash.Resource.t(),
  type: :many_to_many,
  validate_destination_field?: term(),
  violation_message: term(),
  writable?: boolean()

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