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Represents an aggregated association value

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@type kind() :: :custom | :sum | :avg | :min | :max | :list | :sum | :first | :count
@type t() :: %Ash.Query.Aggregate{
  authorization_filter: term(),
  constraints: term(),
  default_value: term(),
  field: term(),
  filterable?: term(),
  implementation: term(),
  kind: term(),
  load: term(),
  name: term(),
  query: term(),
  relationship_path: term(),
  resource: term(),
  type: term()

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new(resource, name, kind, relationship, query, field, default \\ nil, filterable? \\ true, type \\ nil, constraints \\ [], implementation \\ nil)

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requests(initial_query, can_be_in_query?, authorizing?, calculations_in_query, request_path)

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