View Source Grizzly.ZWave.CommandClasses.ThermostatSetback (grizzly v5.2.7)

"ThermostatSetback" Command Class

The Thermostat Setback Command Class is used to change the current state of a non-schedule setback thermostat.

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@type state() :: number() | :frost_protection | :energy_saving
@type type() :: :no_override | :temporary_override | :permanent_override

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@spec decode_state(byte()) :: {:ok, state()} | {:error, Grizzly.ZWave.DecodeError.t()}
@spec decode_type(byte()) :: {:ok, type()} | {:error, Grizzly.ZWave.DecodeError.t()}
@spec encode_state(state()) :: byte()
@spec encode_type(type()) :: byte()