View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.CentralSceneSupportedReport (grizzly v8.2.3)

This command is used to report the maximum number of supported scenes and the Key Attributes supported for each scene.

Versions 1 and 2 are obsolete. Version 3+ fields are required.


  • :supported_scenes - This field indicates the maximum number of scenes supported by the requested device. (required)

  • :slow_refresh_support - This field indicates whether the node supports the Slow Refresh capability. (required)

  • :identical - This field indicates if all scenes are supporting the same Key Attributes (required)

  • :bit_mask_bytes - This field advertises the size of each “Supported Key Attributes” field measured in bytes. Must be 1..3. (required)

  • :supported_key_attributes - This field advertises the attributes supported by the corresponding scene (required)

    • A list of lists of key attributes where a key attribute is one of :key_pressed_1_time | :key_released | :key_held_down | :key_pressed_2_times | :key_pressed_3_times | :key_pressed_4_times | :key_pressed_5_times.
    • If not identical, the first list of key attributes corresponds to scene 1, the second to scene 2 etc. for each of supported_scenes
    • If identical, only the key attributes of scene 1 are to be listed



@type param() ::
  {:supported_scenes, non_neg_integer()}
  | {:slow_refresh_support, boolean()}
  | {:identical, boolean()}
  | {:bit_mask_bytes, 1..3}
  | {:supported_key_attributes,