View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.MultiChannelAssociationReport (grizzly v7.4.0)

This command is used to advertise the current destinations for a given association group.


  • :grouping_identifier - the association grouping identifier (required)
  • :max_nodes_supported - the maximum number of destinations supported by the advertised association group. Each destination
                         may be a NodeID destination or an End Point destination.
  • :reports_to_follow - if the full destination list is too long for one
                       report this field reports the number of follow up reports (optional
                       default `0`)
  • :nodes - list of nodes to add the grouping identifier (required)
  • :node_endpoints - Endpoints of multichannel nodes



@type param() ::
  {:grouping_identifier, byte()}
  | {:max_nodes_supported, byte()}
  | {:reports_to_follow, byte()}
  | {:nodes, [Grizzly.ZWave.node_id()]}
  | {:node_endpoints,