View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.FirmwareMDReport (grizzly v7.4.0)

The Firmware Meta Data Report Command is used to advertise the status of the current firmware in the device.


  • :manufacturer_id - A unique ID identifying the manufacturer of the device
  • :firmware_id - A manufacturer SHOULD assign a unique Firmware ID to each existing product variant.
  • :checksum - The checksum of the firmware image.
  • :upgradable? - Whether the Z-Wave chip is firmware upgradable
  • :max_fragment_size - The maximum number of Data bytes that a device is able to receive at a time
  • :other_firmware_ids - Ids of firmware targets other than the Z-Wave chip. Empty list if the device's only firmware target is the Z-Wave chip
  • :hardware_version - A value which is unique to this particular version of the product
  • :activation_supported? - Whether the node supports subsequent activation after Firmware Update transfer
  • :active_during_transfer? - Whether the supporting node’s Command Classes functionality will continue to function normally during Firmware Update transfer.



@type param() ::
  {:manufacturer_id, non_neg_integer()}
  | {:firmware_id, non_neg_integer()}
  | {:checksum, non_neg_integer()}
  | {:upgradable?, boolean()}
  | {:max_fragment_size, non_neg_integer()}
  | {:other_firmware_ids, [non_neg_integer()]}
  | {:hardware_version, byte()}
  | {:activation_supported?, boolean()}
  | {:active_during_transfer?, boolean()}