View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.NodeProvisioningListIterationReport (grizzly v7.4.0)

Module for working with the NODE_PROVISIONING_LIST_ITERATION_REPORT command

This command is used to advertise the contents of an entry in the Provisioning List of the sending node.


  • :seq_number - the network command sequence number (required)
  • :remaining_count - indicates the remaining amount of entries in the Provisioning List
  • :dsk - a Grizzly.ZWave.DSK.t() for the device (optional)
  • :meta_extensions - a list of Grizzly.ZWave.SmartStart.MetaExtension.t() (optional default [])



@type param() ::
  {:seq_number, Grizzly.ZWave.seq_number()}
  | {:remaining_count, non_neg_integer()}
  | {:dsk, Grizzly.ZWave.DSK.t()}
  | {:meta_extensions, [Grizzly.ZWave.SmartStart.MetaExtension.extension()]}