View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.ZIPPacket (grizzly v6.1.0)

Command for sending Z-Wave commands via Z/IP

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@type flag() ::
  | :ack_request
  | :nack_response
  | :nack_waiting
  | :nack_queue_full
  | :nack_option_error
  | :invalid
@type param() ::
  {:command, Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t() | nil}
  | {:flag, flag() | nil}
  | {:seq_number, Grizzly.ZWave.seq_number()}
  | {:source, Grizzly.ZWave.node_id()}
  | {:dest, Grizzly.ZWave.node_id()}
  | {:header_extensions,
  | {:secure, boolean()}

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@spec ack_response?(Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t()) :: boolean()
@spec command_name(Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t()) :: atom() | nil
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extension(command, extension_name, default \\ nil)

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@spec extension(Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t(), atom(), any()) :: any()

Get the extension by extension name

@spec flag_to_byte(flag() | nil) :: byte()
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make_ack_response(seq_number, opts \\ [])

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@spec make_ack_response(
) :: Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t()
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@spec make_nack_response(Grizzly.ZWave.seq_number()) :: Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t()

Make a :nack_response

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make_nack_waiting_response(seq_number, delay_in_seconds)

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@spec make_nack_waiting_response(
  seconds :: non_neg_integer()
) ::
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meta_to_byte(secure, command, extensions)

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with_zwave_command(zwave_command, seq_number, params \\ [])

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@spec with_zwave_command(Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t(), Grizzly.ZWave.seq_number(), [
]) ::
  {:ok, Grizzly.ZWave.Command.t()}

Make a Z/IP Packet Command that encapsulates another Z-Wave command