View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.MeterReport (grizzly v8.2.3)

This module implements the command METER_REPORT of the COMMAND_CLASS_METER command , which is used to advertise the current meter reading at the sending node.

If either the :rate_type or :delta_time param is present, the command will be encoded as version 5. If neither are present, it will be encoded as version 1.


  • :meter_type - the type of metering physical unit being reported (required)
  • :scale - the unit used (required)
  • :value - the value being reported (required)
  • :rate_type - the type of rate being reported (optional)
  • :previous_value - the previous reported value (optional)
  • :delta_time - the time between the previous report and the current report (optional)



@type meter_scale() :: atom()
@type meter_type() :: :electric | :gas | :water | :heating | :cooling
@type param() ::
  {:meter_type, meter_type()}
  | {:scale, meter_scale()}
  | {:value, number()}
  | {:rate_type, rate_type()}
  | {:delta_time, number()}
  | {:previous_value, number() | :unknown}
@type rate_type() :: :unspecified | :import | :export