View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.SupervisionGet (grizzly v7.4.0)

This command is used to initiate the execution of a command and to request the immediate and future status of the process being initiated.


  • :status_updates - used to allow a receiving node to advertise application status updates in future Supervision
                    Report Commands (required)
  • :session_id - used to detect redundant invocations due to retransmissions (required)
  • :encapsulated_command - an encapsulated command (required) -see ZWave Transport Encapsulation Command Class Specifications



@type param() ::
  {:status_updates, status_updates()}
  | {:session_id, byte()}
  | {:encapsulated_command, binary()}
@type status_updates() :: :one_now | :one_now_more_later