View Source Grizzly.ZWave.Commands.LearnModeSet (grizzly v7.4.0)

This command is used to allow a node to be added to (or removed from) the network. When a node is added to the network, the node is assigned a valid Home ID and NodeID.


  • :seq_number - a command sequence number

  • :return_interview_status - This field is used to request that the receiving node returns an additional Learn Mode Set Status

                            Command when the node interview is completed. It is set to either :on or :off. (optional - defaults to :off)
  • :mode - The Mode field controls operation to one of :disable, :direct_range_only (immediate range inclusions only), or :allow_routed (accept routed inclusion)



@type mode() :: :disable | :direct_range_only | :allow_routed
@type param() ::
  {:seq_number, Grizzly.ZWave.seq_number()}
  | {:return_interview_status, :on | :off}
  | {:mode, mode()}