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Type that represents an TrackerNano.Params struct.

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@type t() :: %Evision.TrackerNano.Params{ref: reference()}

Type that represents an TrackerNano.Params struct.

  • ref. reference()

    The underlying erlang resource variable.

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@spec get_backbone(t()) :: binary()
@spec get_backend(t()) :: integer()
@spec get_neckhead(t()) :: binary()
@spec get_target(t()) :: integer()
@spec params() :: t() | {:error, String.t()}


  • self: Evision.TrackerNano.Params.t()

Python prototype (for reference only):

TrackerNano_Params() -> <TrackerNano_Params object>
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set_backbone(self, prop)

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@spec set_backbone(t(), binary()) :: t()
@spec set_backend(t(), integer()) :: t()
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set_neckhead(self, prop)

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@spec set_neckhead(t(), binary()) :: t()
@spec set_target(t(), integer()) :: t()