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@type smartcell_option() :: %{value: Strung.t(), label: Strung.t()}
@type smartcell_param() :: %{
  field: String.t(),
  label: String.t(),
  type: atom(),
  default: term(),
  is_option: boolean() | nil,
  options: [smartcell_option()]
@type smartcell_param_map() :: %{name: String.t(), params: [smartcell_param()]}
@type smartcell_params() :: [smartcell_param_map()]
@type smartcell_tasks() :: [variant()]
@type variant() :: %{
  id: String.t(),
  name: String.t(),
  docs_url: String.t(),
  params: smartcell_params(),
  docs: String.t()

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